Plastira Lake

The idea belongs to the well-known Greek general Nikolaos Plastiras, in 1928. Years later, the dam and the lake became
a reality and he... its "godfather" (although he did not live to admire it). His gift to future generations: blue waters,
wonderful beaches, fir trees and the colorful figures of people enjoying in every way the captivating landscape of the
mountain lake. An attraction in itself!

Around the lake

The road around the lake offers enchanting images. In a route of only 70 kilometers you will enjoy all the most
important attractions of Lake Plastira. You can divide it into parts and do it in two or three days. Start from Kalyvia
Pezoulas, almost in the center of the lake. From here you can visit two of the most beautiful villages you will discover in
this corner of Greece, Neraida and Phylakti.

Lake activities

Mountain sports. Cycling and horse riding. Lake canoe and bike. Hang glide and hang glider. Skiing at the small
Karamanoli ski resort. Crossing the gorge of the Great Stream. Bring your own equipment or rent from the companies
operating in the area. And onward to your new adventures at Plastira Lake!

Impressive historical Monasteries

Carved into the vertical rock, Panagia (Holy Virgin) Pelekiti, one of the most impressive sights of Lake Plastira, enchants.
It consists of two churches, the Assumption and the Virgin, built in 1640. The Petra monastery is even older,
from 1553, and its catholicon follows the design technique of the monasteries of Mount Athos. The Monastery of
the Nativity of the Theotokos Koronas will remind you of a castle and from above you will admire it in all its glory
It has frescoes from 1587 and the catholicon with the ornate wooden iconostasis dates from the 16th century.

Stone shelters

Romantic retreats, but also facilities with full facilities for families. Enjoy your holidays at Lake Plastira in the villages of
Kalivia Pezoulas, Kastania, Kryoneri, Lampero, Belokomiti and especially in Neohori. Here you will find elegant stone
guesthouses with all amenities, fireplaces, lake views, cafes and restaurants.

Local Traditional Delicacies

Enjoy grilled and cooked meats, grilled trout, stews and Mesenicola wine. The stone taverns in Kalyvia Pezoulas,
Belokomitis, Neochori, Tsardaki area, Phylakti are famous for their good food and welcoming atmosphere. In the
morning or in the afternoon you will enjoy the sun at the lakeside cafes or in the cafes of the hostels.

The Winery and Wine Museum in Mesenicola

Mesenikolas is one of the three villages where the "black Mesenikolas" grape variety is grown. Visitable wineries also
operate there. In the "Wine and Vine" Museum, one of the most interesting thematic museums in Greece, you will learn
a lot about the production of wine.

The botanical garden of Neohori

On the western side of the Lake, near Neohori, an original botanical garden. In its ten acres you will get thousands of
information about the flora of the area, but also of the whole of Greece.

The lakeside villages

It is worth taking a walk in the villages of the lake. Phylakti, with a square ideal for the summer, Lampero, Kryoneri,
on the plateau of which stands out the chapel of Ai-Georgi, Kastania, which is built among the fir trees.