Ktima Alonaki

Hotel Alonaki is located in a magical place near the dam of Plastira Lake and close enough to admire the unique environment of the lake.

The name has its origins from this location, because right here, there was a large stone threshing floor, which, although it was private, was traditionally and used by the owner's relatives, acquaintances and residences.

The threshing floor was destroyed around 1955 and "Ktima Alonaki" replace the construction owned the same name as the traditional one.

It is a settlement of 30 acres, in the dense forest of Agrafa, where its magnificent view of Lake Plastira highlights it as a separate complex in the area.

Inside the estate you will find many walking paths for direct contact with nature, as well as the possibility to enjoy a walk with our privately owned horses.

When the weather permits, there are various activities for young and old, organized by the management of our accommodation.

You can stay in one of the cottages located in various parts of the estate. Their spaces are comfortable and spacious with services such as a fireplace, free firewood and unlimited views of the lake and the forest.

In the area there is our restaurant All Day Cafe "Morfes" which can offer you moments of relaxation while enjoying one of our elaborate drinks or dishes.

If you are looking for tranquility, contact with nature and relaxation, then "Ktima Alonaki" is the ideal place for you.

Surely your visit here cannot but be an experience you will never forget!


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Accommodation In Plastira Lake, Thessaly

Ktima Alonaki Hotel, a special choice for holidays in central Greece and a unique environment of Plastira Lake! Enjoy a natural choice of excursion in a wild but beautiful mountain resort area with activities and attractions that will remain in your memories for years Taste our rich breakfast, a cocktail in our exotic coffee bar with lake view admiring the marvelous view. Hotel management is always at your disposal to guide you on your excursions in the area.

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